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My fashion, my tale - A drive towards Olorunwa’s clothing, the first point clothing line for all


“Having developed a huge passion for fashion, I have decided to provide quality, durable and affordable fashion wear to people from all walks of life…” - Adedayo Olugbemi

Adedayo Olugbemi's keen interest in fashion has propelled his devotion to delivering stylish wear for all fashion enthusiasts. The initiative has resulted in the creation of 'Olorunwa Clothing' to meet fashion needs. Adedayo’s early days in Nigeria before he moved to the United States were clogged with his long-nurturing ambition to promote a fashionable culture in the lives of many individuals. He has wrapped his tale in his fashion as he believes it is an enriched display of himself. In his words, “I value my love for fashion, it is my tale…”, laying the groundwork for the birth of Olorunwa Clothing. He recounted that the name, Olorunwa (a Yoruba word which emphasises the ‘omnipresence of God’) also his alias, indicates the position of God in all of his endeavours. He claims that he has lived through the ups and downs of life drawing his confidence and energy from his conviction in God’s presence in his life and engagements.​

Olorunwa Clothing is a reflection of Adedayo’s tale, his fashion and the fusion of his belief in God and passion for fashion. The clothing line would provide durable, quality, fashionable and affordable shorts, T-shirts, and caps among others to fashion enthusiasts. The mission and direction of Olorunwa Clothing are to serve the needs of people from all walks of life who love to wear quality and durable wear. He also plans to inspire fashion enthusiasts with encouraging and intriguing words printed on T-shirts. He wishes to imprint his tale, which gave birth to the moniker Olorunwa, in the minds of people to inspire and motivate them. Life is full of ups and downs but Olorunwa clothing is tasked to provide stylish wear with soothing words throughout the journey. Adedayo’s keen interest and knowledge of fashion would aid his creativity towards positioning Olorunwa Clothing in the heart of fashion lovers. He identifies the fact that fashion is fluid to changes and has promised to keep the public afloat through creative fashion wear that will provide in Olorunwa Clothing. He believes that Olorunwa Clothing would not only be the first point for fashionable wear but also a clothing line to keep fashion lovers afloat of new trends in the fashion industry

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